The Loons - match 3

The Loons need your help!

The Loons were floating up into the sky when, all of a sudden, some nasty clouds appeared and blocked their way. Now it is up to you to help them fight back, to break through the cloud ranks and on to freedom!

All new match-3 gameplay. Pop balloons to make space for others and group colors together. Groups of same colored balloons will fly upwards and damage the clouds directly above them. New balloons will feed in from the bottom to fill up the space left by matches. Use your wits and matching skills to defeat all the clouds and set The Loons free.


  • Unique gameplay - a fresh take on match-3
    • 6 powerful power-ups (health, bomb, row, column, color, gas)
    • 3 skills  unlock (swap, shuffle, multi-pop)
    • Frozen loons that can not be popped; special loons which can not be popped but attack on their own
    • The sun and moon will help you fight the clouds
    • Clouds fight back with attacks (lightning + snow) and offenses (birds + acid rain)
    • Story mode with 5 tiers and 5 levels per tier, each with increased difficulty and new upgrades
    • Quick play mode with all power-ups and skills unlocked, survive for as long as you can and defeat as many clouds as possible.
  • Various game modes (time or move limited; no-lose mode for casual players) - something for everyone
  • Over 140 achievements to unlock (!)
  • Multiple leaderboards (#)
  • Four unique mini-games (pop, shoot, float, fly). These are also playable as stand-alone games and each one has it's own achievements and leaderboards
  • Full statistics for all game modes and mini-games - synchronized across all devices (#)
  • Games are saved whenever you are interrupted, so you never lose your progress ($)
  • Integrated help system
  • Many configuration options - customize the game to your liking
  • Play in day or night mode (visual style change only) - with various options to select your preference
  • Ambient soundtrack with sky sounds (wind/rain/birds/etc)
  • Fun and child friendly ;)

(!) Achievements are available with/without Google Play Game Services; but they are only synchronized across devices when signed in to Google Play Game Services.
(#) Requires signing-in to Google Play Game Services.
($) Saved games are not synchronized; each device has it's own saved games, but all games' statistics are combined and synchronized across all devices.

This game is free with ads (not shown while playing, only when paused).
It does not contain any in-app purchases :)

  • Used for saving/loading data to external storage - all files are removed when uninstalling
  • Required for Google Play Games Services and Ads


  • v1.0
    • Initial release

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