Monday, 7 May 2012

flipt Updated, again!

(Updated 2012-05-08 to v1.2.1 - Bug Fix for v1.2)

A new version (v1.2.1) of flipt is now available in the Google Play Store!

The game's page has been updated with screenshot showing the new looks :)

flipt is now also available at the Amazon App Store. However, it is still the previous version (v1.2) - I have submitted the new version for review and will update when it goes live.

What's new?
  • Added Themes to the game (currently 3: ICS, Fire, Classic). This allows the entire UI to look different.
  • Added Tile Themes to the game (currently 3: Default, Fire Safe, Classic). This changes the colors of the tiles used to play the game.
  • Added a configuration option allowing the game to run in either fullscreen or standard mode. Fullscreen mode hides the notification bar, while standard mode keeps it on screen. Also, the Kindle Fire tablet (and some other tablets not running on HoneyComb/ICS) display a software navigation bar (with home/menu/back buttons). These are hidden in fullscreen mode, so disable fullscreen mode to display this bar while playing :)
  • Added a 'back' icon to the help TOC section. All areas can now be accessed without the use of any hardware/software buttons :)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that occured when starting a new game from the GAME OVER screen. In this case, when the new game ended, it's statistics would be replaced with the previous game's statistics.
  • v1.2.1 Fixed a bug with the fullscreen/standard mode not displaying correctly.

ICS is the default theme and will be enabled after installing/upgrading. Select a different theme from the config menu if desired.
Also, select a different tile theme from the config menu if desired.
Changes to Themes and Tile Themes is applied when leaving the config menu (using BACK or the back button) - no restart required :)
Changing the Fullscreen option requires a restart to take effect.

  • The 'Fire Safe' Tile Theme replaces orange with silver - since the 'Fire' Theme is very orange it's best to use this Tile Theme with it.
  • Standard mode is NOT advised for devices with a 4:3 resolution (such as QVGA) since the top part of the screen will be cut off.

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